My Space X

Object Recognition AR practice        Solo project by Yinghua        Built with Unity, Vuforia and Premiere


I view my hard drive as a personal rocket, which not only frees up the space on my computer, but also transcends time, allowing me to travel between the past and future.


Work Flow

To create the AR interaction, I first took a picture of my hard drive and uploaded it to Vuforia as a target image. 

After setting up Vuforia in Unity, I created an AR camera and an image target, which contains the hard drive photo. I downloaded a free Unity sparkling asset and attached it to the image after scaling it down a little bit.

To make the demo video, I found this nice rocket countdown video on Youtube and edited my video into it.



Chinese Moms' Square Dance

Square dance animation     |     Solo project by Yinghua     |     Created with Unity and Mixamo

Inspired by the unique square dancing tradition among old Chinese women in Mainland China, I use Unity to create the following project. Characters and dance animations used in Unity are from Mixamo. Audio clip that is forced to mono in Unity is from one of the most popular songs that old Chinese women would like to use in square dancing.



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