Unity Project

Solo project by Yinghua     |     Created with Unity

Inspired by the unique square dancing tradition among old Chinese women in Mainland China, I use Unity to create the following project. Characters and dance animations used in Unity are from Mixamo. Audio clip that is forced to mono in Unity is from one of the most popular songs that old Chinese women would like to use in square dancing.



After Effect Animation

Solo project by Yinghua     |     Created with After Effect and Premiere

For this project, I decided to use what I learned in After Effect to edit my demo footage for an app. Effects that I used include motion tracking, Roto Brush, color correction, masks, etc. I also tried the Warp Stabilizer VFX to hope to enhance some of the HoloLens view footage. However, the result is not good, since it will end up zooming in too much...



Stop Motion

Collaborate with Jim Schmitz, Joohyun Park, and Aidan Nelson     |     Created with Dragonframe and Premiere

We use Dragonframe to film the whole story. Jim, Joohyun and I came up with the storyboard, collected all of the shooting props, and set up the shooting scene. When Aidan came during the middle of the shooting, he brought in green papers and insisted to add the ground from then on. I wasn't sure whether it's a good idea since it will cause inconsistency. However, the result turned out to be great. We are satisfied with the final video :)