Yinghua Yang is a unicorn - a designer who codes. She is an XR technical designer and a full stack UI designer with UX research experience in wearable technology. She co-founded the passive language learning startup FlipWord. She enjoys designing for any interesting projects. Contact Yinghua at LinkedIn.

Technical Skills
  • AR/VR & Web development (Unity/C#/ARkit/ARCore/Javascript/Three.js/CSS/HTML5)
  • UI design & video production (Sketch/Photoshop/Illustrator/After Effects/Premiere)
  • 3D modeling/animation (Autodesk 3ds MAX/Blender/Maya/Autodesk Fusion)
  • Physical computing (Arduino/C/Raspberry Pi)
📣Call for Volunteers

Yinghua is building a VR world using her leisure time for girls in poverty areas who have limited contact with the outside world. Contact her if you'd like to help.