Hi :)

I am a full-stack unicorn designer, currently focusing on MR/AR/VR (XR) design. I work on Project MARS at Unity Labs as an XR Design Engineer (60% design | 40% engineering). Previously, I interned at Unity Labs and Samsung XR Lab. I’m the creator of YOGAR, a gamified yoga app for HoloLens.

Before diving into the XR world, I was a full-stack product designer and an entrepreneur. I co-founded FlipWord — an EdTech startup lets you learn while browsing — and led its design, product management, and fundraising. The 2.5-year full-time startup journey reinvented me, making me strong at product thinking, problem solving, human-centered design, and rapid iteration and testing. It also made me embrace ambiguity and always ready for new challenges.

My works include: XR app design/prototyping, web/mobile UI/UX design, hardware hacks, 3D animations, charcoal drawings, etc. In my leisure time, I do freelance design. You can contact me at LinkedIn.