Yinghua Yang is a unicorn - a designer who codes. She is a professional UI/UX designer with a strong interest in AR/VR and research experience in wearable technology. She co-founded a startup with a 10K user base. She enjoys working on any interesting design.

Contact Yinghua at:   yy909 [at] nyu.edu    |    LinkedIn

Technical Skills
  • AR/VR (Unity/C#/ARkit)
  • UI Design (Sketch/Photoshop/Illustrator)
  • 3D Modeling/Animation (Autodesk 3ds MAX/Blender/Maya/Autodesk Fusion)
  • Web Development (Javascript/Three.js/CSS/HTML5)
  • Video Production (After Effects/Premiere)
  • Physical Computing (Arduino/C/Raspberry Pi)